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Advertising That Works For You

Is your agent's advertising working for you or for your agent? If you have ever looked for a home, you have undoubtedly been frustrated by mainstream advertising by real estate agents. Here is an example that was not hard to find in the latest Homeseekers Magazine:

"Adorable Home on a Good Sized Lot. Large Deck with Nice 20' X 12' Shop in the Back! Nice Newer Carpet & Floors. Great for First-Time Home Buyers at $138,500. Call Jumpin Jerry, ABC Realty at (541) 555-5555"

Can you notice anything missing from this ad? It says a few things that would make most Buyers interested, but omits the things that Buyers want to know the most. Let's say the home is in Noti? Maybe it has only one or two bedrooms. It might even be a manufactured home or even a mobile home. See this ad was NOT designed to sell this home. It was specifically designed to make the phone ring, so whatever agent picks up the phone can try to sell the caller another home when the caller tells them they are not interested in a two bedroom manufactured home in Noti.

Surveys tell us that the top three things the consumer wants to know before they commit to seeing a home are Price, Number of Bedrooms & Location. Why not tell them those in advertising? Go pick up the current Homeseekers, and browse the ads. You will find that most ads omit at least one of those three things. Why? Agents are taught very early in their careers that making the phone ring is the most important thing in advertising. But is making the phone ring worth frustrating potential clients? If you were a Seller, would you want an agent writing ads that are designed to generate Generic Calls, or ads that are designed to generate Calls From People Who Want To See Your House?

In addition to including important information that is normally missing from the average real estate ad, an effective ad should also incorporate Color Photography. Black & White photos are a thing of the past and are proven over 3 times less effective than their Color counterparts. The ad should also incorporate the internet. The internet is a fantastic tool to dispurse information, and every agent and company should have a well designed, up-to-date and easy to navigate website that contains a wealth of information on all of their listings (see Since websites are Billboards in the middle of nowhere", all advertising should point to that website. Here is an example of how the ad above might be written to be more effective in actually selling the property that is being advertised:

"Updated Manufactured Home on 1.5 Acres. Large Deck! Nice 20' X 12' Shop with 220! The 948 Sq. Ft. Includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bath & Large Living Areas! Located at 12345 Knight Road in Noti. Call Jumpin Jerry, ABC Realty at 555-5555, or See More Information at!

People who read the above ad now know what they wanted to know in the first place. Those who are still interested might visit the website to find numerous photos, maybe some virtual tours, room measurements, type of heating, plat maps, street maps to locate the property, etc.. Now all the calls from this ad to Jumpin Jerry are from people with a lot of knowledge about the home and want to see it. That's a quality call, and that's what your agent's advertising should be designed to generate.

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